Learn, craft, join the team.

Learn, craft, join the team.
90Pixel Academy

Prepared for candidates who want to be a part of 90Pixel team; It is an internship program supported by a full education and experience.

We first take the candidates selected for Backend, Frontend and mobile disciplines to an online training that will last about 1 month by our team.
Backend, Frontend and mobile processes of a project to be implemented after the training process will be developed by the candidates within the scope of the program. Project management will be carried out by the 90Pixel team by applying the principles of agile project development. The whole project team will experience writing code at a level that can be published with quality and clean codes by making code reviews on all the codes written by the project mentors in the 90Pixel team.
90Pixel Academy 1
90Pixel Academy 2

Program Calendar and Frequently Asked Questions

05-16 May
Preliminary assessment
Code Challenge
Final Results
Do I have to be a university student to join 90Pixel Academy?
No. 90Pixel Academy is a program open to anyone who wants to improve themselves in the field of web and mobile software development.
I have a compulsory internship. Could I have done an internship at 90Pixel within this program?
Yes. If you need to fill out compulsory internship documents for your school, you will officially do an internship at 90Pixel.
I live outside of Izmir. Can I join the 90Pixel Academy?
Yes you can. The trainings will be shared simultaneously with all participants online, live broadcast. The opportunity to participate remotely during the project development phase will be the same. The limited quota in the office environment already makes this situation mandatory.
Will I be able to work in the 90Pixel office during the program?
Candidates who want to work in the 90Pixel office will be provided with the opportunity to work in the office alternately, in line with the quotas, throughout the program.
What kind of project will the project we develop be?
The project developed at the end of the program will be released as a real product of 90Pixel. Candidates who are eligible to join the 90Pixel team at the end of the program will continue to work in the team of these projects.
Can we use the projects we have developed as a reference?
Of course, all candidates who work hard in the development of these projects can use these projects as a reference. However, all copyrights of the project belong to 90Pixel.
Will 90Pixel team support candidates during the project development phase?
Our friends in the 90Pixel team will mentor the project teams. These mentors will support the teams in writing the correct code by reviewing the code written throughout the project development process, but will never write code.
What does Code Challenge mean?
We will ask them to write code for a case study that will be sent to them in order to make an evaluation among the candidates who have passed the pre-selection. At this stage, the important thing is that you can show your current knowledge and skills, and be able to do research on unfamiliar topics.
My school closes on June 1st, can I start the internship 1-2 weeks late?
Yes, we can stretch the internship start date according to the closing date of your school.
Can I join the program in more than one field?
You cannot attend the program in more than one area. You must choose 1 of the Backend, Frontend or Mobile fields.
Do I have to come to the 90Pixel office to attend the interview?
No, we can conduct the interview through online video chat channels.
I have a mandatory internship of 20-30 days, do I have to come for 3 months? Can't I just come on the mandatory internship dates?
We want to be with friends who want to be a part of the 90Pixel team in the long term, not with interns who want to do internship on their mandatory internship dates. Therefore, the most important element of this program is that we develop projects together throughout the summer. Therefore, if your goal is not to improve yourself during the summer and gain experience as part of the 90Pixel team, please do not apply for this program.